T14: Mini Stove  (Qualified for RBF program)


Size: H 30cm, W 18cmx18cm

Material: Inox or Galvanized steel


T14- Galvamized steel                      T14 Inox

Key features:

- Multi fuels: wood, wood chips, corn cobs, pellets.

- Cook time (per batch): ~40 min with wood; ~90 min with pellet.

- Pot size: upto 20 lít

- Easy to fire up from top, no need fire tending.

- Light weight, easy to move around.

- Good wind resistant, can cook outdoor.

- Can adjust fire level with the air door.



- Fill up the fuel, up to the air holes inside the stove..

- Put fire starter on top of fuel.

- Open the air door.

- Fire up from top.

- Wait until main fuel catch fire, adjust fire level by open/close air door.