Developed from the T16, TLUD stoves, to serve the demand of Thai's people in Son La province to cook Thai's sticky rice with corn cobs, C16 has the feeding door so that the cook can easily add more corn cobs to extend cooking time without lifting the pots.




Improvements from previous version:

  • Feeding door detachable, easier for packing and shipping.  
  • Large feeding tray, easy to handle corn cobs.

Son La province is a center of corn farming in north west mountain of Vietnam. Thai's sticky rice is traditional food which need about 2hrs to steam with double deck pot while a full load of corn cobs only last for 30min. Removing the pot during cooking to add fuel is impossible as will lose all the steam. C16 is a step up from T16 to meet the demand of Thai people to cook their traditional sticky rice with corn cobs.